Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Story of Ninja Grandma

When we were living in California we would get to watch my some of my grandbabies (now they are a lot older) for about a week or so while my son would attend a work related conference. I love to spoil and take care of my grandchildren. 
We would do all sorts of fun activities. We would craft, cook and shop. 
And sometimes we would have to do not so fun taking a time out if a grandbaby was misbehaving a lot. I am a grandma so it really had to be bad if we had to have a time out. My grandchildren were shocked with how well I was able to take care of a misbehavior situation, in awe...I am told that one of them whispered to the other...
"She's like a ninja..."
My Ninja Grandma nickname was born. I didn't know about it until several months later when one of my children let me in on the nickname/story. My oldest daughter even set up this domain for me years ago, just in case I ever started blogging...
So here I am, Ninja Grandma, ready to share all of my Ninja knowledge with you. :) 



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